CLERY CAD/RMS's Clery-compliant E911 Computer Management System (CAD) program is a powerful and easy to use dispatching system. Currently saving money for colleges across the country, this robust system has many features found on systems costing many times more. At the core of this system is a simple to use CAD quad-view window with drag and drop functionality that allows dispatchers to see all activity at once. Standard reports include UCR Summary, Incident and Unit. Standard forms include Master Name, Master Location and Master Vehicle. Advanced functionality include internal and external email, text messaging, spell checking, PDF, the ability to 'Listen' to narratives and unlimited photo support.


Preloaded with the current statutes, the CAD integrates with other modules; RMS (Records Management System), MDT (Mobile Data Terminals), JMS (Jail Management System), Emergency Notification, Civil Process, Scheduling and Emergency Notification. MDT support provides security professionals in the field with the ability to receive spoken dispatching instructions along with valuable information such as prior history, photos and unit location. Ability to self initiate and complete incidents.



Easy to use Quad view

Drag and Drop Dispatching

Caller ID Interface

Master Name, Location and Vehicle

Secure MS SQL Server Database

Daily LogInternal and External Messaging

Customizable Dispatching Codes



Silent Dispatching

Interfaces to CAD

Access Prior History

Access Unit Status

Access Photos

Gun Alerts

Speech Technology

Internal Messaging

Mapping Technology

Initiate Calls

Complete Calls